Salary Projects


PJSC Bank National Credit  provides its corporate customers – legal entities with support of salary project

Salary project with the availability of payment cards. This is convenient, easy to use, money saving and access to the account.

Salary payment bank debit MasterCard is used by many companies for the withdrawal of  money: salary, bonuses, grants, financial aid or other reward or type of income.

Advantages of salary project:

Possibility to pay for goods and services anytime and anywhere: within Ukraine, abroad, through terminals.

Withdrawal of funds in any automated teller machine serving cards of international payment systems in Ukraine or abroad;

Issue of several cards for the mafily members and persons empowered to act on behalf of the account holder;

Limit  for any additional cards in order to control the usage of funds;

Replenishment of accounts by cash or my bank transfer, including the non-holders of the cars/account;

  Maestro cards are issued for the employees of the company; MasterCard Mass and MasterCard Gold –for the management.


Advantages of salary project implementation for a company

Cost cut for money receipt, transporation costs and pay-out of cash;

• All the funds are transferred by clearing payments by the bank ;

There is no need to deposit emplyees` salaries – fund are available for payments  in any day;

Possibility to transfer any kind of reward (not only salaries);

Confidentiality on employees` salaries information.