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Founded in 1996, "Bank National Credit" PJSC has been operating within the context of the formation of the Ukraine’ Banking sector: demonstrating dynamic development and meeting the challenges of the financial market.

The year 2009 has become the turning point in the history of the "Bank National Credit" PJSC: the Bank has changed its owner, increased its shareholders’ capital twofold, and undergone branding. Despite having a network of branches in locations unusual for building a chain of regional bank representative offices, the Bank has not only strengthened its presence in the regions, but also saved the most important asset – its clients. During 2009-2011, "Bank National Credit" PJSC has conducted restructuring of its own branch network. Maintaining the total number of regional representative offices, some of them were relocated to new venues. Nowadays, the network of the Bank’s branches is represented in every region of Ukraine.

National Credit Bank, str. Turgenivska, 52/58We offer a simple, comprehensive, high-quality banking service. We are traditional in terms of quality, but non-traditional in terms of approach: we work closely with our clients as the Bank grows along with its clients’ business. We offer services that enable nurturing the growth of private business, maintaining a stable corporate business and financial strengthening of our clients’ and shareholders’ financial welfare.

"Bank National Credit" PJSC is a network of 54 branches located in all regions of Ukraine, and over 4,700 of payment terminals (PJSCTS) operating under the brand “Bank24 National Credit”. It is also a team of 800 professionals with substantial experience in the banking sector, ready to provide you with a high-quality banking service. Our bank’s staff is comprised of professionals driven by the desire to build a novel type of bank – the bank of positive emotions. For us, the Bank of Positive Emotions means our client enjoying the advantages of his banking service such as::

  • Flexibility;
  • Prompt decision-making;
  • Simplicity allowing the client to use comprehensive banking tools;
  • and PLEASANT EXPERIENCE of communicating with us.

We are open for a dialogue and looking forward to seeing you in our branches.