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Deposit-Secured loan

Deposit-Secured loan

A loan secured on the property rights to the funds deposited in the "Bank National Credit".

Deposit-Secured loan:

  • The loan term is set for up to 1 year;
  • The currency of the loan may be different from the currency of the deposit;
  • The maximum loan amount depends on the amount of currency and the currency of the deposit;
  • The loan is secured by the funds placed on deposit in "Bank National Credit"JSC.

Benefits of financing under the deposit-secured loan program:

  • Extremely low interest rate for the deposit-secured loan is less than the standard minimum (base) interest rate on the loan;
  • The client draws up a minimum set of documents for the loan;
  • The Bank executes a swifter decision on issuance of credit (within 2 business days) given the full package of documents;
  • The loan can be provided on the security of the funds deposited by a third person.