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"Bank National Credit" offers overdraft facilities for the clients who purchase a premium Payment card package (Gold) and place a deposit in our bank.

Benefits of the overdraft program for the client:

  • The procedure for obtaining a loan is simplified to the greatest extent;
  • Easy to use overdraft and the free reusable assets during the term of the overdraft;
  • Securing a top-notch payment instrument for the customer.

Requirements for the client:

  • Employing a Payment card issued by "Bank National Credit" JSC in national currency, of “Gold” class or higher.
  • Collateral:
  • A deposit placed in "Bank National Credit" for a minimum term of 6 months;
  • A deposit on the security of property rights of the Bank may be provided for the loan by the borrower himself, as well as by property guarantor.

Overdraft amount:

  • 90% of the security deposit.

Overdraft fee:

  • The interest rate for the overdraft is calculated on the day of signing the agreement and upon every recalculation of the deposit interest rate, on the day of signing an additional agreement to the bank deposit agreement.