Documents for registration


Customers are asked to provide the following documents necessary for deposit account opening:

for citizens of Ukraine, permanently residing in Ukraine:

- passport of a citizen of Ukraine or temporary certification confirming the entity of Ukrainian citizen or  temporary certification of citizen of Ukraine, for juveniles and people underage of 16 – certification of birth, and identification number;


for non-resident citizens:

- permanently residing in Ukraine: passport document with the stamp approving the availability of permission for permanent residence;

- temporary residing in Ukraine: passport document . Documents confirming the nature of money.


Procedure of deposit is very efficient and takes only 10 minutes.

NB We recommend you to choose the most suitable deposit product for your needs using our tool for deposit choice and deposit calculator before visiting the bank - it will save your time!

If you are unable to make a choice do not hesitate to consult with personal bankers. Visit the nearest branch of the Bank National Credit.