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Payment Cards

"Bank National Credit" PJSC is a member of the international payment system MasterCard Worldwide. It offers services of payment card issuance for individual, as well as corporate clients.

The use of payment cards provides their holders with numerous advantages compared to using cash. Firstly, it is security: there is no need to carry large amounts of money. Most businesses accept card payments, which allow easy purchasing of goods and services.

A payment card from "Bank National Credit" provides you with a secure 24/7 access to your money around the world. At your disposal is a wide range of payment card products (plastic payment cards for individual and corporate clients, payroll cards) and an opportunity to choose a payment card of any price range – from inexpensive to premium-class cards.

Benefits from using "Bank National Credit" payment cards:

  • A network of branches all over Ukraine;
  • The shortest terms of payment card issuance;
  • Controlling and managing the payment card account via cell-phone (M-Banking);
  • Managing you bank accounts via the Internet (Internet-Banking);
  • A twenty-four-hour access to depositing your payment card account via Self-service payment terminals, the number of which exceeds 3000.
  • The network of ATM’s and cash points exceeds 2900*.
  • Opportunity to purchase goods and services from millions of businesses around the world (shops, restaurants, service points etc.) via card payments;
  • Cash withdrawal in local currency at any time;
  • Opportunity to process internet payments;
  • Individual features of the plastic card use according to your requests;
  • Twenty-four-hour monitoring of the payment card operations and round-the-clock card holder support;
  • We promptly process the customers’ requests and answer their questions, providing a comfortable top-notch banking service.

*a united network of ATM’s and cash points of "Bank National Credit" PJSC and partner banks.

For more information, please visit our branch offices, or call our Payment Card Administration department: +38 (044) 238-61-44