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Bank’s Strategy

Bank’s Strategy

Our Vision

“Bank National credit” is securing its place in Ukraine’s banking system. For us, this means the following:

In two-year perspective – TOP 70:
  • Active assets – 2 bln UAH;
  • Working capital – 160 m UAH;
  • Net profit – 7 m UAH per annum.
In seven-year perspective – TOP 20:
  • Active assets – 13 bln UAH;
  • Working capital – 300 m UAH;
  • Net profit – 36 m UAH per annum.

We are not only oriented at providing traditional and non-conventional services at focused segments of the financial market: “Bank National Credit” is the pioneer of innovation on the market of the banking services.

The people working here are professionals who make decisions, stick to their promises, grow constantly and do all it takes for the Bank’s growth and client’s satisfaction. Our team wants to offer our client a high quality service and an enjoyable experience. The Bank National credit is a bank of a pleasant experience not only for our customers, but also for our colleagues. We value the input of every professional in attaining our greater goal, and we are always ready to give them our all-round support.

“Bank National Credit” is recognized, because it is the BANK of PLEASANT EXPERIENCE.

Bank’s Values

  • Effectiveness
  • Customer orientation
  • Leadership
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Harmony
  • Sanguine
  • Self-improvement
  • Creativity

Bank’s Mission


The bank’s commercial success is achieved by providing a simple, customer-friendly, high-quality banking service. We are traditional in quality, but non-traditional in our approach: we work closely with our clients, as we grow together with their business. We offer a wide range of services, which allows securing the development of private business, sustaining the stability of a large corporate business, as well as enhancing the financial well-being of our customers and shareholders.

Our main approaches:
  • Simplicity. High quality. Availability. Safety.
  • We are open to finding new solutions for our customers’ business.
  • We are developing for our clients the servicesthat take into account specific features of every segment of Ukraine’s financial market.
Our advantages:
  • Flexibility, which enables our clients to get more attractive, yet high-quality service.
  • Promptness of decision-making, which allows for the growth of our clients’ business.
  • Simplicity, which helps our customers use client-friendly, comprehensible banking instruments for successful development of their business and enhancement of their financial well-being.

Bank’s Philosophy

Realizing its responsibility before the shareholders, customers and partners, “Bank National Credit” follows the principles of honesty and transparency of business relations, rules of business ethics, and maintains mutually respectful attitude towards the Bank’s clients, partners and employees.

The Bank highly values its reputation, as well as the reputation of its shareholders, partners, and clients.

The Bank complies with the requirements of current legislation.

The Bank fulfills its obligations, holds to its promises and cooperates with partners, clients and employees who adhere to the similar approach in business.

The bank remains neuter towards any political parties or associations, and conducts business entirely for the purposes of customers’ and stakeholders’ benefit.

By continuously advancing the technology, the bank reaches a sensible balance between operational effectiveness and the risks associated with operational activity.

The Bank values its employees, which constantly advance their proficiency, and grow together with the bank. Thus they help the bank reach its goals, while actualizing their instrumental skills and talents. The bank’s staff is a professional team of young talented bankers, always ready to provide support and search for non-conventional solutions aimed at increasing profitability of our clients’ business, as well as the growth of our own.

Primary Areas of Activity

We are invested in the increase of our presence in the country, opening our branches in all regional centers and developed industrial cities. Besides, we are rendering our services via electronic distribution channels using our technology. We are ready to provide our services all over the country.


Traditional banking services essential for both businesses and individual customers. Our services are accessible, because they are simple and customer-friendly. This is what enables our client to practically use self-help service:

  • payment and cash services;
  • simple and comfortable deposit programs;
  • Prompt and flexible loans;
  • trade financing, documentary payments form;
  • services of personal banker who works individually for the customer. He is capable of understanding the client’s needs and providing the necessary service promptly, easily, comprehensively, being the only person the customer has to deal with.
  • customer information support “family doctor”;
  • fully-functional bank accounts management by using any kind of remote communication: the Internet, self-service terminals, cell-phone;
  • rendering new services via self-service payment terminals – POS-terminal network, an analogue of mini-bank office for client’stime saving and decreasing the payroll expenses;
  • securing efficient and quick cash logistics for our clients;
  • membership in the International Payment System and development of Payment Card business.