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“Bank National Credit” PJSC was established in 1996. Since that time, the bank’s working capital has grown 8 times since, reaching 47.7 m UAH, and the number of clients – legal entities has reached 8.6 thousand, and the number of depositors – individual clients whose deposits have amounted up to the total sum of 67.7m UAH, has grown up to 47.6 thousand.

The Bank is consistently implementing the principle of client’s value enhancement, while fully and steadfastly implementing the laws of Ukraine as well as the norms and regulations of the National bank of Ukraine.

Coherent customer service quality improvement policies, along with constant effort toward development of a full package of modern-day services for individual clients, are building up to the Bank’s strength.

The bank’s customers are receiving high-quality contemporary banking service taking into account their specific demands, which is instrumental for reaching the bank’s primary working goal - serving our customers, our shareholders and our country.

“Bank National Credit” is a contemporary bank with sound ambitions that has a desire to be among the leaders in the industry and has all the necessary premises to achieve that. We not onlyare able react to the new economical developmentsin Ukraine, but we also have the capabilities to influence those processes and transform them for our advantage. First and foremost, this refers to the development of advanced, highly-efficient banking tools and procedures aimed at enhancing the level of service rendered to numerous clients. A flexible rate policy, which helps us react to the changing market conditions, combined with individual approach to every customer, enable us to be attractive for the client, compared to our competitors. From among a wide range of service operations, for our regular customers we have individual tariff system.

We are always open for our clients, and looking forward to the mutually beneficial cooperation.