Mischuk Lyudmyla

Mischuk Lyudmyla


Mischuk Lyudmyla

Deputy Head of the Board

Date of birth:




  • Kyiv National Economic University, Finance Major.

Banking career:

The banking career of Lyudmyla Mischuk began in 1997, from the position of the Senior Teller of Cherkassy branch of “Oschadbank”. From 1999 till 2001 she continued working in “Oschadbank”, taking up the positions of accountant and auditor.

Starting 2001, Lyudmyla has come to the Kyiv city branch of "Ukrsotsbank" JSB as a teller. Due to systematic approach and analytical skills, she was quickly ascending the career ladder by continuing to work with personal banking customers, then in financial monitoring and financial analysis departments. In 2006 Lyudmyla Mischuk became the Head of Finance and Analytics department in Kyiv Regional Branch of "Ukrsotsbank" JSB. In 2007 she took the position of Deputy Managing Director of the Kyiv Regional branch of "Ukrsotsbank”.

In 2009 Lyudmyla obtained the position of a Deputy Head of the Board at "Bank National Credit" PJSC.