Onistrat Andriy

Onistrat Andriy


Onistrat Andriy

Head of the Supervisory board

Date of birth:

Place of Birth:


  • 2002 – Kyiv National Economic University. Master of Finance Management.
  • 2005 – Kyiv National Economic University. PhD in Economics. Associate Professor of Banking department in KNEU.

Banking career:

  • December 2002 - February 2004 – Deputy Managing Director at “Ukrsotsbank” JSB city branch;
  • February 2004 - October 2008 – Managing Director of the Kyiv Regional branch of “Ukrsotsbank” JSB;
  • January - June 2009 – Senior Vice - CEO of “Partner-Bank”;
  • Starting December 21, 2009 – Head of Supervisory Committee, proprietor of the PJSC “Bank National Credit”.

During his work in “Ukrsotsbank” JSB, Andriy Onistrat has proven to be an outstanding crisis manager. After he took his position in the loss making at the time Kyiv regional branch, only in 6 month he managed to turn it to the profit. During the following 3 years, the Kyiv regional Branch of “Ukrsotsbank” JSB has been in the shortlist of the most profitable branches in the Ukrsotsbank’s internal rating, never falling below the 4-th position.

Over the period of Andriy’s operation in the Kyiv Regional Branch, its credit portfolio has increased above 130 times to reach 1,300m UAH. Seven new branches were open, and the quality of service in the existing ones was significantly improved. To that effect, over the period of 3 years, the total income share of the Regional Branch has grown from 30-40% to 50-60%. By the time Andriy Onistrat had left “Ukrsotsbank”, the pre-tax income of the Kyiv Regional Branch was 48 m UAH.

After Italian partners of “Ukrsotsbank” had started re-structuring the bank, cutting down the number of branches, Andriy left “Ukrsotsbank” in order to focus on searching an appropriate platform for developing a bank structure as a proprietor. 

In August 2009, Andriy Onistrat, by purchasing shares of additional issue, became the proprietor of 48,3% of “Bank National Credit” stock.