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About Payment Transfers

About Payment Transfers

Acceptance of payments through the Payment terminal network of the Bank is a convenient and contemporary form of banking service for private clients, which provides an opportunity to pay for multiple services.

We are offering you to improve the quality of client service, increase customers’ loyalty by adding your service to the catalogue of services offered in the payment collection machines of the Bank. We constantly work towards increasing the list of services offered, striving to give our customers the most convenient and comprehensible payment acceptance service, which makes it that much easier to serve clients remotely.

Our payment terminals have the best locations (checkout areas or entrance areas) of the leading retail networks of Ukraine.

Our payment terminal network includes over 2100 payment terminals in 15 regions of Ukraine, connected to the “Bank24 National Credit” processing system (former “Platezhka” processing).  We continue growing our terminal network, aiming to create a universal infrastructure capable to make the payment transfer service as convenient as possible – both for customers and for service providers all over Ukraine.

"Bank National Credit" PJSC has its own terminal network software, which allows us to quickly and effectively respond to the market requests.

Working with the Bank’s terminal network is convenient both for the individual users and for the partners who place their services in the payment terminal system.

Our advantages:

  • Legally protected scheme of payment transfer business;
  • 24/7 availability for payment transactions from customers;
  • Convenient interface of the terminals;
  • The transfer of payments is executed online, within a few minutes;
  • The payment is confirmed by a receipt generated and printed by the terminal;
  • A customer has an opportunity to open bank accounts and use them at any time via payment terminals, web-sites and even cell-phones;
  • Customer support call-center and technical support;
  • Other opportunities.